Donate The Can turns art into charitable giving.

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The Donate The Can initiative provides a creative way to charitably give. All proceeds from purchases of our unique, can inspired art go to our partners at City Harvest to help feed New Yorkers in need.


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The Collection


The Collection

We partner with artists and creative collaborators from all walks of life to render cans as they see fit, creating eye-catching, provocative imagery with the power to engage, motivate, and drive people to the DTC cause.

Call for Entries

We are eager to expand the collection.
If you would like to be featured, please contact us.


Bryce Wymer

Bryce is a director, designer, visual artist, and musician, based out of Brooklyn, New York.



Adrian Hashimi

Adrian is a New York based professional artist and illustrator.


Emile Drescher

Designer and creative developer.



Jason Scuderi

A director focusing on entertainment, fashion, music and technology.



Benjamin Edmiston

A New York based fine artist.


Alina Chong

An illustrator and art director from San Diego, currently working in Boston.



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